150145-60 Ametek Nautilair Brushless Blower 7.6" 100-240VAC 229CFM 42 in.H2O Electrical Open Loop
150145-60 Ametek Nautilair Brushless Blower 7.6" 100-240VAC
150145-60 Ametek Nautilair Brushless Blower 7.6" 100-240VAC 229CFM 42 in.H2O Electrical Open Loop

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150145-60 Ametek Nautilair Brushless Blower 7.6" 100-240VAC


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Model Nautilair (7.6"/193mm)
Output -
Voltage 100 - 240 VAC
Speed Control 0 - 10 VDC
Speed Regulation Closed Loop
Option Card No
Stages 1
Flow Classification High Output
Discharge Size 2.8" Bolt Circle, D modified
Performance Class High Output
Electrical Connections 5-Cavity Connector on Flying Leads with Two Power, Two 0 - 12 VDC Command Signal Leads and One Ground/Earth Lead
Skid Qty 60
Max Pressure in.H2O 46.57
Max Pressure Kpa 11.59
Max Pressure mbar 115.88
Max Flow SCFM 223.26
Max Flow litres/sec 105.31
Max Flow m3/hour 379.32


Ametek DFS Nautilair brushless DC variable speed blowers have been engineered to provide practical, compact, and efficient combustion solutions, and their performance levels have tested higher than many competitor blowers of the same size. Nautilair blowers are designed to deliver a precise, measured level of air and fuel mixtures in gas-fired burner systems and come in three size options: (a) 7.6” / 193 mm; (b) 8.9” / 226 mm; and (c) 12.3” / 312 mm. All Nautilair blowers are programmable for various speed control profiles and allow for three primary speed signals: 0-10VDC electrical analog; pulse width modulation (PWM); and mechanical potentiometer (directly on the blower unit). The Ametek Nautilair brushless DC combustion blower motors are used in a variety of applications, including residential and commercial heaters and boilers, food service equipment such as ovens, and even fuel cells, among many others.

The Ametek Nautilair 7.6” brushless blower model / part number 150145-60 is designed specifically for a BOFA fume extraction / filtration system (BOFA vacuum pump motor part # A1050017, model BOFA AD 350).

The Ametek Nautilair blower 150145-60 is manufactured with a universal drive, dual-voltage feature and all stainless-steel components in the working fan system (including the bearings, shaft, nut and washers).  The blower also comes with a special motor cover with axial slots. This part is RoHS Compliant.

If you need additional resources (performance curve data, cad drawings, etc.), please contact us.

If we are out of stock of this motor, for a potential replacement see: Ametek Nautilair 150145-50 (click here).

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