Ametek DFS Rotron Regenerative Blowers

Ametek DFS Rotron manufactures and designs a variety of regenerative blowers (DR/EN/CP) to be used in many different applications and industries. They are often used for industrial, environmental, chemical processing, water processing, and air filtration purposes. While industrial domestic regenerative (DR), chemical processing (CP), and environmental (EN) are the three standard types of regenerative blowers, Ametek also offers many other solutions including remote drive (RD) blowers, mag drive (MD) blowers, spiral regenerative (SL) blowers and SPA blowers.

Aside from just blowers, you can find other Rotron Regenerative accessories and parts in our catalog link below. You may need to purchase some accessories depending on your application. Please contact us with any questions.

The two main components within the regenerative blowers are the impeller and the motor. The blades of the impeller pull air and/or other gases into the blower by passing the inlet port of the blower. That air and/or gas is then accelerated in a circular path forward and outward (centrifugal action) due to the ring, or annular, shape of the housing. The air and/or gas is repeatedly returned to the base of the next blade and pushed outward again. Each time the air is cycled through, additional pressure is added into the air. The air exits the blower after it has been stripped from the impeller at the outlet. Pressures or vacuums generated by the one or two spinning, non-contacting, oil-free impellers are equal to these obtained by many larger multi-stage or positive displacement blowers. Regenerative blowers are highly reliable, oil free, quiet, maintenance free, and long-lasting.

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We also list datasheets and service guides for specific models and part numbers on the respective model's product page. Search your model number or part number in our search box or contact us with questions. 

You can also view our online catalog showing all of the current Rotron Regenerative blower models that are currently available. We stock regen blower models ranging from 0.25 horsepower to 30.0 horsepower, all of which can ship same day.

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