Ametek ROTRON Regenerative Blowers – Energy & Oil Applications

Click Here to Read Our Case Study - Energy & Oil, regarding a recent success story for one of our customers using a Rotron regen blower for an oil application. 

From natural gas vapor recovery to booster gas applications, our Rotron regenerative blowers are the preferred blowers for processes and applications requiring 100% uptime. Our blowers can move up to 1900 SCFM and work at pressures up to 275 inches of water (9.9 PSI.) The oil-free design means there is little-to-no maintenance required, and it’s not uncommon for these blowers to run longer than 25,000 hours or 15+ years.

Designed for hazardous environments, the EN series blowers (environmental blowers with XP motors) are the right choice for applications with explosive gasses like natural gas, gasoline, methane, and other hydrocarbons. Our Ametek Baldor XP electric motors are rated for Class 1 and Class 2 areas. Available in many voltage configurations including 1 and 3 phase electricity, these blowers give you an option that works on your existing electrical grid.

 Ametek ROTRON Regenerative Blowers for Energy & Oil

If your environment or gasses are corrosive, or if you’re working with Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), we recommend the Chemical Processing (CP) line of blowers. These blowers come with Chem Tough coatings on all aluminum parts, stainless-steel parts, and low leak seals for emissions testing. XP or inverter duty motors available as options for Chemical Duty blowers. For more information, check out our blog post.

Our team of technical experts would be happy to help you find a blower that will work well in your application. Contact us today with the scope of your project and we will work meticulously to find a solution for you. You can also view our  list of Rotron environmental (EN/XP) regenerative blowers that we typically have in stock at Optimal here

 Ametek ROTRON Regenerative Explosion Proof (XP) Blowers for Oil, Gas, & Energy