Ametek Rotron EN XP Regenerative Blowers In Stock At Optimal

Here is our list of Ametek Rotron environmental (EN) regenerative blowers with explosion proof (XP) motors that are typically in stock and ready to ship from our facility, or on order for our active inventory. We can deliver many of these blowers for next-day, and in some cases we can arrange for SAME day expediting! 

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Ametek’s regen blowers are designed for environments with explosive gas. Suitable for Class I & Class 2 explosive areas. Explosive Atmosphere Classification: I-D, II-F&G, Group D motors. The motor bearings are permanently sealed, giving 20,000 – 25,000 hours of life on average. Our regenerative blower motors are optimal for environments with explosive gasses like methane, gasoline, natural gas or other Group D vapors.


Part# HP Datasheet/Catalog Sheet Link Service Guide Link
EN101AG58L 038171 0.5 HP
EN303AG58L 038172 0.5 HP
EN404AR58ML 038173 1.0 HP
EN404AR72ML 038174 1.0 HP
EN454W58ML 080487 1.5 HP
EN454W72ML 080488 1.5 HP
EN513W72L 038037 1.5 HP
EN505AX58ML 038177 2.0 HP
EN505AX72ML 038178 2.0 HP
EN523M72L 038184 3.0 HP
EN656M5XL 080060 3.0 HP
EN656M72XL 080059 3.0 HP
EN757M72XL 081176 3.0 HP
EN6F72L 038180 5.0 HP
EN757F72XL 081174 5.0 HP
EN808BA72MXL 081229 7.5 HP
EN858BD72WL 038744 10.0 HP
EN909BD72WL 081743 10.0 HP
EN909BG72WL 081741 15.0 HP
EN14RDL 081488 TBD


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