Ametek ROTRON Regenerative Blowers – Wastewater Applications

Click Here to Read Our Case Study - Wastewater Treatment & Aeration, regarding a recent success story for one of our customers using a Rotron regen blower for wastewater plant application. 

Wastewater Aeration Ametek Rotron DFS Regenerative Blowers


Why do wastewater plants/facilities need aeration?

Regenerative blowers (also referred to as ring compressors, inline blowers, or side channel blowers) are key pieces of equipment in the wastewater treatment process.

An important step of the wastewater treatment process is the aerobic biodegradation of organic gasses and compounds found in human waste. Atmospheric air is forced into the bottom of the tanks to promote bacteria growth which consumes the organic material found in the wastewater sludge.

 Wastewater Aeration Ametek Rotron Regenerative Blowers at Optimal


Why Use Regenerative Blowers?

Our Ametek ROTRON regenerative blowers from Ametek DFS excel at moving large amounts of air at low pressures making them a great fit for aeration applications. Regenerative blowers require less maintenance than their positive-displacement blower or centrifugal blower counterparts. Our ROTRON Environmental (EN) and Chemical-Processing (CP) build options allow for safe operation in hazardous areas and promote blower longevity while dealing with corrosive or explosive gasses.

Our blowers are compatible with variable frequency drives (VFD’s) for 10:1 speed turndown to accommodate your system when the load increases or decreases. These blowers can be integrated into automated system designs for hands-free operation and increase efficiency.

Why Choose Ametek ROTRON Blowers?

  • Expert Advice
  • Customer and Product Support
  • 45+ Years of Success
  • Certifications

Ametek ROTRON has been manufacturing ROTRON blowers since 1975. They have been committed to the support for this product line for over 45 years and are the expert authorities for a wide range of aeration applications.

Ametek Rotron Regenerative Blower DR833 Wastewater Treatment Plant

Ametek ROTRON blowers are manufactured in the U.S.A and qualify for the BABA requirements (Buy America, Build America) mandates for new infrastructure projects receiving federal financial assistance. The ROTRON line of blowers also carries varies UL and CSA certifications. Contact your representative for more info.

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Our team of technical experts would be happy to help you find a blower that will work well in your application. Contact us today with the scope of your project and we will work meticulously to find a solution for you. You can also view our  list of Rotron environmental (EN/XP) regenerative blowers that we typically have in stock at Optimal here