About Us

Optimal Distribution is an authorized distributor for a wide variety of industrial and commercial electromechanical parts. We represent high-quality and well-established manufacturers in a number of industries, and have access to many others. 

Some of our most popular products include Ametek Dynamic Fluid Systems (Ametek DFS) brushless blower motors, Rotron regenerative blowers, Deltrol Controls general purpose and power relays, and Xylem Flojet pumps. We also specialized in innovative power products such as Lester Electrical industrial battery chargers. 

We work closely with manufacturers, contractors, resellers, as well as end-users, in both the United States and globally.  

We are a dedicated group of distribution experts with 25 years of experience in parts distribution across various industries. Our goal is to provide the fastest, most reliable, and intelligent service to our customers to help them grow and improve their businesses.


      Ametek Rotron Regenerative Blowers Optimal Distribution



Here are just some of the industries and applications we serve:

  • Medical: Disinfection, Airbeds, Respiratory, Lab Analysis
  • Business Machines: Post-Press, Commercial Digital Printers, Mail Sorters
  • Materials Handling: Conveying, Vacuum Hold-Down, Handling, Plating
  • Combustion: HVAC High-Efficiency Boilers and Water Heaters
  • Air Processing: Fume Extraction, Cooling, Packaging
  • Air Sampling: Particle Analysis, Filtration
  • Miscellaneous: Aerospace, Fuel Cell, UV cooling, Spa, Water Processing


Recent Customer Testimonials:

Optimal does a fantastic job and I’m really happy with the work they have done to help us! -- Charlie T.

Excellent response time. Thank you for providing a quality experience and service. -- Matt W.

I found Optimal Distribution while searching the web for a high output fan to replace some circulation pumps in our system. Their site drew me in because it had prices listed and was thoroughly detailed. What kept me was the responsive customer service and their willingness to assist in the selection process. It was a solidly positive customer experience. Optimal has been exceptional to work with throughout this entire endeavor. I appreciate their responsiveness, knowledge, flexibility, and professionalism.  -- Travis C.

The staff at Optimal have been very kind in helping us during the process of ordering online from Spain. -- Jesus G. 


About Ametek DFS Brushless Blower Motors:

Ametek brushless DC blowers come in variable outputs for a wide range of vacuum or pressure applications, whether the application involves environments with high particulates, high temperatures, or high moisture. Standard blower designs offer brushless DC motor drives coupled to high efficiency fan systems in compact, cost effective packages. Ametek brushless blowers are equipped with advanced controllers for custom speed and acceleration profiles, and some models include universal voltage capabilities.

Our customer service and technical support team can also provide custom application solutions to meet unique air performance requirements, intelligent performance control, and universal voltage designs.