Frequently Asked Questions

When are orders shipped and does Optimal have a cut-off time?

We ship in-stock items the same day your order is placed, up until 4:30 pm EST. Out of stock or non-stocked items can be dropshipped from Ametek's factory directly to you to minimize lead times; these shipping schedules will vary based on Ametek's manufacturing schedules. There is no extra charge for dropshipping.

Do all domestic orders over $100 ship for free?

Unfortunately, due to the weight of some of our items we do have a free freight weight limit of 200 lbs. After 200 lbs., the shipment is assigned a flat shipping fee accordingly with the weight.   

Does Optimal offer more products then what is displayed on

Yes, we are working very hard to display as many products as possible on our website but do to the wide variety of products we offer we are unable to display them all. Please get ahold of us on our contact page if the product you are looking for is not displayed. 

How does Optimal ship orders? And where are orders shipped from?

All orders are shipped via UPS unless you would like to request special shipping methods. Orders are shipped from either Grand Rapids, MI or Whitsett, NC.

How does Optimal select and build its inventory?

We bring new items into stock based on customer demand. This involves data gathered from quotes, sales, customer usage information and inventory lists.

What are the diameters of the Ametek brushless blowers you offer?

Windjammer, Minijammer, and Microjammer models range in size from 3.0" to 5.7".
Nautilair combustion models range in size from 7.6" to 12.3".

What output pressure and air flow ratings are available with Ametek brushless blowers?

Ametek brushless blowers have output pressure ratings ranging from 7.14 in.H2O to 169 in.H2O and air flows ranging from 6.64 SCFM to 800 SCFM.