150135-00 Ametek Nautilair Brushless Blower 7.6" 120VAC 160.2CFM 42.5 in.H2O Electrical closed loop_Optimal Distribution

Product may differ slightly from picture.

150135-00 Ametek Nautilair Brushless Blower 7.6" 120VAC 160CFM 42 in.H2O PWM CL


This product is no longer available. Unfortunately, according to Ametek's factory, there is not a replacement.

We suggest first contacting the manufacturer of the machine this blower is used for; for example, contact Phoenix if this blower is used on a hot water tank (PH 199-119). 

Please feel free to contact us for additional information or for updates about a potential replacement that may be released by the factory in the future. We can also supply CAD drawings for this Ametek Nautilair blower 150135-00.

*This page was last updated on January 29, 2021. 


Product Specifications:

Model  Nautilair (7.6"/193mm)
Output  -
Voltage 120 VAC
Speed Control PWM
Speed Regulation Closed Loop
Option Card Yes
Stages 1
Flow Classification High Output
Discharge Size 3.40" bolt circle
Performance Class High Output
Electrical Connections 5-Cavity Power Post Header and 5-Cavity Post Header PWM Input and Tach Output
Skid Qty 60
Max Pressure in.H2O 42.5
Max Pressure Kpa 10.57
Max Pressure mbar 105.76
Max Flow SCFM 160.2
Max Flow litres/sec 75.56
Max Flow m3/hour 272.18


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